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Never has the creator been so geeky about coffee! Vaibhav Sinha, who created the November Microlot braved immense hardship (read – drank way too much coffee and wiped out his weekend) to concoct a most interesting coffee – from elephant beans.

The Maragopipe or elephant bean is a variety of Arabica that produces an extraordinarily large bean. Said to be a mutant (hell yes!), the bean first appeared in Brazil (near the town of Maragopipe) but has since been found elsewhere.

Opinions on elephant bean Arabica are polarised! As early as 1928, William H. Ukers (the author of one of the first books on coffee) said this coffee tasted “woody and disagreeable”. Others have called it the finest coffee known and claim it has a heavier body than a comparable Arabica from the same region. Generally the agreement is that it adopts the flavour characteristics of the soil in which it is transplanted.

Vaibhav’s opinion, which we share is that this BR Hills elephant bean has the dry aroma of tree bark which is immediately replaced with a vanilla/caramel sweet aroma when wet. The brew (more on how to brew in a minute) has light citrusy notes with medium body.

Medium Roast (removed at first crack)

Rs 320 for 250g

Best brewed as – Inverted Aeropress (Vaibhav’s way)

  1. Use a medium to coarse grind (coarser with the Able metal disk filter)
  2. Let the grounds soak in room temperature water for 30 seconds
  3. Pour in water just off the boil and stir through
  4. Brew for 60 seconds before flipping and plunging

Note: If brewed for longer than a minute, the brew produces a mild ‘back of the throat’ harshness

On the creator


When Vaibhav Sinha is not coffee-ing, he is PhD-ing at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore. Vaibhav studies aspects of competition, cooperation, decision-making and division of labour in biological organisms. The systems he studies are kinda complex (ok, we added the kinda), dynamic in spance, time and composition. Borrowing from mathematical and physics frameworks, Vaibhav builds models to describe and explain these systems.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Grind Size

Extra Coarse, Medium-Fine, Whole beans, Coarse, Medium, Fine


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